Musto Crush Crew’s Pumpkin Wine Recipe (6 Gallons)

Create and serve some spooky at your next Halloween party with Musto Crush Crew’s pumpkin wine recipe!

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24 pounds of pumpkin, canned or grated (approx. 2 medium pumpkins or 1 large pumpkin)

6 gallons of Pinot Grigio (Shop here)

12 tablespoons ground cinnamon

6 inches of fresh ginger root

4 tablespoons ground nutmeg

Fructose/Sugar – Depends on the heaviness you are aiming for. 9-18 pounds is standard range. (Shop here)

6 grams of yeast nutrient, Fermaid-K (Shop here)

3 ounces of acid blend (pumpkins are low acid, so you need to add acid to aid in proper fermentation) (Shop here)

6 grams of wine yeast, EC11-18 (Shop here)

pumpkin-pumpkin wine-winemaking-fall-fall wine-fall winemaking-musto wine grape


If using a fresh pumpkin, wash, peel, and grate/chop the pumpkin. Place pumpkin in your main fermentation vessel. Add your raisins, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and water (boiling). Allow to sit overnight.

Next, add the fructose/sugar, acid blend, and yeast nutrient. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Incorporate yeast into the mixture and stir. Stir daily until fermentation reaches zero (specific gravity of 1.040) – which usually takes about 3-5 days. The mixture should begin to bubble and a mild yeast smell should occur. Read more about Brix here (link)

Once the first fermentation is complete, the pumpkin should have turned into must. Strain and collect the rest of the juice from inside the must by squeezing. Use a racking cane auto siphon to siphon into your secondary fermentor and airlock. (Which airlock would be best?)

Rack at 3 weeks, and then every 3 months for a year. At one year, bottle and let age for at least a year.

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