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What constitutes an “Old Vine”?

What constitutes an “Old Vine”?

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According to google, for a wine grape to be considered “old vine” it needs to be over 20 years old. After about 20-30 years, depending on how the vine has been taken care of, the vine usually will start to produce smaller clusters. These smaller berries are more concentrated and in turn, produce more complex fruit. This is the reason why winemakers go crazy over old vine grapes. The wine that you can make is unlike any other. Although there can be some challenges in the yield department, the wines created from old vines are luscious, complex, and pack a punch.

Fun fact – did you know grape vines can grow for up to 130+ years?!!

A big reason why you see so many Old Vine Zinfandel and Old Vine Primitivo in California is that those were the most widely planted grapes in the US originally. There are vineyards in California with Zinfandel vines that are over 125 years old! One of them is Costamagna’s Vineyards Old Vine Primitivo!!

There is something very special about walking through this Primitivo vineyard for fifth-generation farmer Berton Costamagna. “Since 1902 my family has been here in Lodi farming these wine grapes”, says Berton. “To think that my Nono (Great, Great, Great Grandfather) had the foresight to start a farming adventure back then, by planting his first vineyard of Primitivo here, and to see where it is now, is so inspiring to me.” With its sandy loams and ideal climate, farmers back then quickly saw the potential for growing wine grapes in Lodi, in the heart of California. Fast forward 120 years, and Lodi California has come to be known as the Zinfandel Capital of the World and is now one of the top-producing AVA’s in the world. The Costamagna family has continued farming their family’s clone of Primitivo for all these years for wineries and home winemakers to enjoy with their families. “These grapes make for a great wine, but what is truly special, is these grapes connect us to the hard work, traditions, and memories of my family before me. My hope is that folks can make as many memories drinking the wine from these grapes as our family has made farming them.” 🍇🍷 We can’t wait to receive these grapes from the Costamagna Family!

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