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M&M’s Competition Offers Opportunity to Showcase Wine

Prior Award Winners
(left) Noel Powell (right) Jason Phelps

For the past several years, M&M Wine Grape Company, LLC has held an Amateur wine making competition.  The M&M Wine Grape Company Amateur Wine Classic competition itself, originally known as the Amenti del Vino Amateur Wine Competition,  was established to give the many wine makers we work with the opportunity to have their wines judged amongst the wines of their peers.

M&M being perhaps the only wine grape supply company supplying wine grapes and juice from the best growing regions of California, Washington State, New York State, Argentina, Chile, and Italy, attracts some very talented wine makers who make a large selection of wines.  This has always made our competitions interesting and competitive.

There is no shortage of wine grape competitions.  Some competitions boast the quantity of entrants and others emphasize a large celebratory dinner.  The M&M Wine Grape Company Amateur Wine Classic can boast participation by some of the amateur best winemakers.  It is also one of a few, if not perhaps the only, competitions that judges wines made from fresh grapes, fresh juice, and frozen must separately from wine kits.

You’ve worked hard on your wines.  In many cases we’ve worked with you to craft an ever-better wine.  The M&M Wine Grape Company Amateur Wine Classic is your opportunity to earn recognition for those efforts and among a group of peers where earning an award truly means something.

This year is the 21st Amateur Wine Classic.  Judging will be held August 23rd with entries due by August 16th.  All competition related documents can be found here.