Grapes & Juices in Stock as of 9/21/17 at 9:27AM


JUICES: All varieties in stock – Cry Baby & California Select labels

Grapes in Stock as of 9/21/17

          Caterina Petite Sirah

          Lodi Gold Pinot Grigio

          Lodi Gold Albarino


          Valley Beauty Zin CPC

          Uva di Cal Cairgnane

          Teaser Grenache

          Caterina Old Vine Carignane

          Pia Malbec

          Cry Baby Grenache

          Cry Baby French Colombard

          Pia Zinfandel

          Caterina Cabernet

          Caterina Petite Sirah

          Cry Baby Tempranillo King River

          Caterina Old Vine Zinfandel

          Uva di Cal Ruby Cabernet

          Pia Cabernet Sauvignon

          Caterina Merlot

          Cry Baby Muscat #42

          Pia Cabernet Franc

          O’Caprio Alicante #42

          Pia Ruby Cabernet

          Pia Sangiovese

          Smiling Baby Barbera

          Smiling Baby Sangiovese

          Lodi Gold Cabernet Sauvignon

          Lodi Gold Chardonnay

          Costamagna Pinotage

          Cry Baby King River Syrah

          Costamagna Viognier

          Cry Baby Grenache

          Cry Baby King River Cabernet Franc

          Lucerne Alicante #42

          Smiling Baby Thompson Seedless #42

          Caterina Thompson Seedless #42

          Lanza Chardonnay

          Lanza Sangiovese

          Lanza Primitivo

          Lanza Barbera

          Lanza Malbec

          Lanza Muscat Cannelli

          Uva di Cal Paso Robles Cabernet Franc

          Costamagna Syrah

          Smiling Baby  Merlot

          Paso Robles Pinot Noir

          Cry Baby King River Cabernet Franc

          Costamagna Merlot

          Cry King River Zinfandel

          Cry Baby Sangiovese

          Pia Sauvignon Blanc

          Pia Sangiovese

          Old Vine Black Muscat Cry Baby

          Valley Beauty Zinfandel

          Cabernet Malbec

          Pia Zinfandel

          Smiling Baby Malvasia Bianca

          Uva di Calfornia Mixed Black

          Cry Baby Muscat #36