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Serving Wine at Your Holiday Meal

We all know the holidays can be a stressful time. But planning your meal and wine pairing doesn’t need to be!

If you’re hosting a holiday meal this year, you’re probably looking forward to the moment you get to sit down and relax with a nice glass of wine. But even before then, you’ll need to decide what to pair with dinner, what to have available for your guests as they mill about pre- and post-dinner, and who will like/appreciate what.

Decisions, decisions!


  • Looking for some bubbles to get the party started? Oregon’s Argyle Vintage Brut is sure to win over the hearts and palates of everyone at the table.

  • With its low alcohol, slight effervescence, and bright acidity, Broadbent Vinho Verde is a wine that will feel light and fresh, even though your guests might not be feeling that way after a huge holiday meal. Low in price, you can easily purchase this wine by the case and keep pouring throughout the night.

  • Any white wine YOU made! We suggest a Pinot Grigio if you made one, it goes with most foods and people always love a crisp but approachable white wine.


  • Nothing says Christmas wine like a wine that is titled “Christmas wine.” Duplin Winery’s Southern-inspired Muscadine blend is sure to please, from its image of Santa on the label, to the sweet berry and spice notes it compliments any meal with.

  • Charles and Charles rose is made from a blend of Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache, Counoise, and Cinsault. An easy to drink yet still very well made rose, this wine will pair especially well with turkey, ham, and cheeses.

  • Did you make a Rose of Black Muscat this year? Or maybe one of Grenache? If so, these are delicious options for the holidays!


  • Pepp Blauer Zweigelt – think sugar plum fairy in a bottle. This little known grape variety is sure to continue growing in popularity as people come to know its medium bodied, bright fruit flavor profile.

  • The Russian River Valley is known for its outstanding Pinot Noirs, and Flowers never seems to disappoint the Sonoma Coast and what its capable of. Pop open a bottle of this to pour alongside the appetizers or the main course: you can’t go wrong with it.

  • Any red wine YOU made! Show off your winemaking skills to your family and friends!

Dessert Wines

  • Switch it up and introduce your guests to some good ol fashioned Hungarian wine this holiday season! Tokaji is a late harvest wine made from the grape variety Furmint. It’s decadent, extremely sweet, completely delicious, and people rarely want more than a small glass of it, so the 500mL bottle that Royal Tokaji Late Harvest comes in should be just enough for everyone to have a taste.

  • Have a taste of local CT agriculture when you pour a glass of Vino Bianco Del Paradiso from Paradise Hills Vineyard and Winery.


And when in doubt, just pour yourself a glass and remember:


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