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Top 10 Winemaker Gifts Under $50.00

It’s gift giving season and we know sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift. Below is a list of our suggested gifts for your favorite winemakers!

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Every winemaker needs bottles to display their masterpiece. Give the gift of bottles to a winemaker, and you never know, you might get something delicious in return.

Link to product: http://www.juicegrape.com/categories/Bottles_and_Jugs/Bottles

pH Checker:

A great, easy to use and economical pH meter. pH is very important in winemaking and can be difficult to figure out depending the meter. This meter makes checking pH a breeze no matter how experienced the winemaker. For only $25.00 this is a great testing option.

Link to product: http://www.juicegrape.com/ph600-box-milwaukee/

All Grape Pack

100% pasteurized crushed and destemmed grapes as “Mother Nature” intended! A great way for your winemaker to punch up the body or tannins in their wine, no matter if they are using wine juice or a wine kit. Shelf stable, this $19.99 item is a great thing to have in every winemaker’s tool box.

Link to product: http://www.juicegrape.com/Mosti-Mondiale-All-Grape-Pack/

Metabisulfite – WINY

The purest and high quality sulfite. The WINY product is a great sulfite addition pre-bottling. Only $12.00/kg, something not every winemaker would buy for themselves but should.

Link to product: http://www.juicegrape.com/Potassium-Metabisulfite-Winy-1kg/

Winemaking Analytical Services

Musto offers a plethora of testing services for winemakers and their wines. Help your winemaker take advantage of the testing we have to offer! Ranging from $10.00 and up per test, this is a great gift for any winemaker. You never know when you’ll need some winemaking advice.

Link to products: http://www.juicegrape.com/categories/Analytical_Services

PVC Shrink Capsules

Help your winemaker dress up their bottles with colorful PVC Capsules. Only $10.00/100ct bag, these capsules make any homemade wine look like it belongs on the shelf at your favorite wine shop.

Link to products: http://www.juicegrape.com/Racking-Bottling

Auto Siphon

Ever had to siphon wine? If you have then you know that the auto siphon is a life saver! And if you haven’t siphoned wine before, believe us, this will help speed up the process with ease for only $15.00!

Link to product: http://www.juicegrape.com/Siphon-Auto-12in/

Winemaker Magazine Subscription:

Winemaker Magazine is the only winemaking publication your winemaker needs. Articles written by some of the Musto Crush Crew, as well as winemakers from Napa and Bordeaux, this magazine subscription is something we all look forward to each month.

Link to product: http://bit.ly/2XbKILK

Techniques in Home Winemaking Book

Daniel Pambianchi is one of our favorite writers! This is because his winemaking book is our favorite and we still use it to this day. We refer to this as the “home winemaker’s bible”. For only $21.95 this is a gift that keeps on giving.

Link to product: http://www.juicegrape.com/Book-Techniques-in-Home-Winemaking/

Gift Certificate

Purchase a Musto Wine Grape Gift Certificate for any desired amount. We are sure your winemakers will put it toward their most desired items in the Spring and Fall winemaking seasons.

Link to product: http://www.juicegrape.com/Gift-Certificate-25-50-100/

Questions? Still don’t know what to get your winemaker? Give us a call at 877-812-1137 or email sales@juicegrape.com to discuss the perfect gift for your winemaker.