Pasqual Musto’s Limoncello

Pat Musto aka “The Juice King’s” Limoncello Recipe

limoncello-musto-musto wine grape

My Grandfather is first generation Italian. He was given a delicious, authentic Limoncello recipe from his good friends in Bolognia. He and my Grandmother used to visit them when they were in Italy. There was a little restaurant where their friends knew the owner. It was one of their favorite places to eat in Italy. Every time they would visit, they would go there and have a great dinner. Once night, the owner sat down at their table and shared a bottle of Limoncello he made. My Grandfather liked it so much that the restaurant owner gave him the recipe.

It’s become a time honored tradition in our household to make Limoncello for family gatherings. I always enjoyed sipping on it and listening to my Grandfather talk about his travels and business stories. I hope you enjoy this recipe and enjoy time with those you love.

limoncello-musto-musto wine grape


  • Large or medium sized clear bowl

  • Bottle of either grain alcohol or vodka

  • 12 large lemons

  • Potato peeler

  • Saran wrap

  • 6 cups of sugar

  • 6 cups of water

  • Cheese cloth

limoncello-musto-musto wine grape


  • Take 1/5 of grain alcohol or vodka and add to the zest of 12 large lemons. Use a potato peeler to get the best slices of lemon peel. Put saran wrap over glass bowl and let it sit on the counter for 1 week.

  • Take 6 cups of water and 6 cups of sugar and make a simple syrup. When the sugar is all melted and the liquid is melted, pour it into the bowl with the vodka and lemon peel. Let it sit for another week.

  • Strain it through cheese cloth, get the juice out of the lemon peel. Bottle it and put it in the freezer.

  • When you serve it, pour it right out of the freezer – it’s awesome with the ice flakes.

pat musto-musto wine grape- the juice king

This Recipe uses EVERYTING!

For example: Put the lemons in the ice cube tray and freeze them, and use them in your water. Or take a little of the lemon juice and peels after you squeezed the juice out, put it in the pitcher, with some ice cubes and make lemonade.

Don’t you just love “there was a little restaurant” stories? Do you have one? Share below, we’d love to hear about yours…

limoncello-musto-musto wine grape