How to Avoid a Stuck Fermentation during the Spring Wine Harvest

How to avoid a stuck fermentation

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How can you tell if you have a stuck fermentation?

  • Your wine is stuck at 2-5 Brix for more than a few days
  • Your wine tastes very sweet

What causes a stuck fermentation?

  • High sugar levels – 26+ Brix
  • High fermentation temperatures
  • Low nutrient levels
  • Must not punched down or mixed during fermentation
  • Inncorrect yeast strain

So.. how can you avoid it? 

  • If you have high Brix you can water back your must
  • You can ice down your must with dry ice or frozen water jugs
  • Add the correct amount of nutrients during fermentation
  • Punch down and mix must reguarly
  • Research and add the appropriate yeast

Not using yeast? Doing a native ferment? Here are some tips to avoid a stuck fermentation

  • Keep cellar CLEAN – the cleaner the cellar the less bacteria has the opportunity to flourish and kill your batch
  • Check your Brix and make sure they are manageable, if high, water back
  • Keep track of your fermentation temperatures
  • Keep the temperature in your winemaking cellar as constant as possible

A stuck fermentation can be painful. We highly suggest you take the neccessary steps to avoid it!

Need to fix your stuck fermentation? Check out our video on WinemakingInstructions.com and this Fixing a Stuck Fermentation Blog Post.

For exact measurements and instructions, follow the directions on the manufacturer’s packaging, contact a winemaker at Musto Wine Grape Company for assistance, or download our Full Class offering at WinemakingInstructions.com.

We’re here to help when you need it

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