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Top Gifts for Wine Lovers!

Here are some of our top gift picks for the 2019 holiday season sure to bring cheer to all wine lover’s far and near!

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Insulated Wine Tumblers

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  • Keep your wine (or other drink of choice) at the perfect temperature with our new stainless steel insulated wine tumblers, with oh so relatable sayings on them!

  • Link to product: http://bit.ly/Wine-Tumblers

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition

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  • Whether you are a newbie in the wine world or a seasoned professional, you’ll benefit from having all the information you need at your finger tips with Wine Folly’s Magnum Edition.

  • Link to product: https://amzn.to/34Zd2nq

Corkcicle Air

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  • The perfect tool for keeping your white wines chilled without ending up with a messy, water filled bucket when you’re done.

  • Link to product: https://amzn.to/32K8IXm

Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder

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  • Because bathtubs and showers still aren’t wine glass friendly (get with the times, bath manufactures) this little tool will keep your glass safe while you relax with your soap and suds.

  • Link to product: http://bit.ly/33Oe19K

Glass Wine Saver Carafe

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  • Surpassing the abilities of most wine savers these days, this cleverly designed carafe includes a special float that sits on the surface of the wine so it never makes contact with the air, keeping it fresh for much longer.

  • Link to product: http://bit.ly/2q0Eang

Stainless Steel Wine Chiller

wine chiller-winemaking-winemaker-wine lover-gift-gifts-gifts for wine lovers

  • Thanks to double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel that also eliminates drippy condensation, this keeps your wine at a perfectly cool temperature for hours. No trips to the fridge or cooler needed!

  • Link to product: http://bit.ly/2ObVj58

Red Wine Stain Remover

wine stain remover-winemaking-winemaker-wine lover-gift-gifts-gifts for wine lovers

  • A stain remover that works like magic on spills of your favorite vintage, as well as berries, beets and more. Works on colorfast, washable fabrics and is best on stains that haven’t set in yet.

  • Link to product: http://bit.ly/2CEoqZB


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Gift Certificate


We hope this helped check a few off your list! What are you hoping Santa brings you this year?

Questions? Still don’t know what to get your winemaker? Give us a call at 877-812-1137 or email sales@juicegrape.com to discuss the perfect gift for your winemaker.