DIY Wine

What to do while you wait for your wine to age?

If you are like us then you get impatient waiting for your wine to finish the aging process. Here are few things to keep you busy while you wait for your vintage to be ready.

there is always time for winemaking

1. Drink Last Year’s Wine – Yummy.

2. Make a Wine Kit – You can have wine on the table in 3-4 weeks! Personally we are loving the Castel del Papa and the Green Apple Riesling.

3. Search Out a New Wine Club or Two – These new wines can inspire a new blend or variety to be made next year.

4. Design Your Own Wine Label – Your wine label should represent you. Musto Wine Grape offers custom label design as well as stock labels to help you add your own flair to your wine label.

5. Drink Local – Check out your local wineries and compare wine notes with other local winemakers. Connecticut has a great Wine Trail you can check out the next time you stop by to pick up a few things.

6. Visit California Wine Country – Why not take a trip and see where your wine grapes came from? Contact Christina at cmusto@juicegrape.com for more information on where to taste, stay, and play in California Wine Country.

7. Clean and Organize Your Wine Cellar– Think of it as “spring” cleaning. I’m sure your house mates would be happy to see it organized.

8. Stock Up on Winemaking Products for Next Year – There are a lot of sales going on during the Holiday Season. Take advantage of them and get ahead for next year!

9. Plan for  your next Winemaking Project – Southern Hemisphere Grapes – Grapes from Chile and South Africa will arrive as early as the beginning of May. The California grapes will arrive in August.

10. Throw a Blending Party – Invite your friends over and create some new and interesting blends.