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Lanza-Musto Barbera

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Our Barbera is flourishing in Suisun Valley. The wine has given off notes of dark cherry, plum, and boysenberry. We used a slight amount of French Oak to enhance the supple tannins and hints of vanilla. Make sure to pick up a few cases this week to make at home! We suggest using BRL97, L-2056, and VRB yeasts. Happy Winemaking! 🙂



ancient zinfandel_lodi (1)  ancient zinfandel_lodi (3)

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  ancient zinfandel_lodi (4)

The inspiration for the Zinderella brand has been drawn from the perseverance & willingness to never give up on a dream! From humble beginnings to overcoming many obstacles & challenges, this grapes embodies so much more than just wine.  From the heart of the esteemed Lodi Appellation, in a land recognized as the Zinfandel Capital of the World; our grapes inspire the deep Zinfandel Flavors and attributes of the journey!  This is our “Zinderella Story”.

All the grapes sourced for the Zinderella brand are Old Vine. Specifically, Zinfandel vines over 30 years old. If you are looking for a new, interesting, and complex Zinfandel, then Zinderella is for you!

Lanza Musto Vineyards – Cabernet Clone Descriptions

cab 169_15 (8)  cab 169_15 (4)

cab 169_15 (7) cab 169_15 (5)

Cabernet 169: The Cabernet 169 clone is a French clone that. The first 169 clone to come to the US was planted by UC Davis in 2003. Since then, it has been gaining popularity in all the major Cabernet growing regions. Especially in on Mount Veeder. It has good berry size, high vigor, and a well-balanced acid to sugar ratio. The wine can be higher in alcohol depending on the winemaking style. It was created to produce a big and bold Cabernet with intense complexity. The color is a vibrant, deep red. The mouth feel tends to be bold and linger. This grape is definitely for the adventurous winemaker. (selling out as we speak)

Koch Cabernet: The Koch ranch Cabernet is farmed on incredibly rocky soil. The soil absorbs most of the moisture therefore producing a more intense fruit. This is only  8 acres, so please reserve your cases as soon as possible. We always sell out of the Koch Cabernet. (selling out as we speak)

Cabernet 15: This Cabernet Clone originates from Aquitcuine, France (South East France, Bordeaux, largest grape region in France). It is known for its high yield, high levels of Anthocyanins (attributes to aging and color), and high tannins. The wines are described as having raspberry, cherry, plum, and cocoa notes. It has an intense body and is structurally solid. Definitely an age worthy Cabernet.

Cabernet 8: The Clone 8 Cabernet Clone was one of the most popular plantings in France and then in the US in the 1990’s. From our research, it has been said that it was one of the plantings that came it California in a suitcase. Clone 8 is strong Cabernet producer that yields about 6 tons to the acre. The wines have great fruit characteristics, deep color, good sugar to acid ratio, and are structurally sound. The tannins are strong.