The Winemaker’s Think Tank: Vol 21 – Do I need a barrel to make wine? Can I just use tanks/glass?

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Do I need a barrel to make wine? Can I just use tanks/glass?

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Most aspiring winemakers hold romantic visions of putting their wine in a barrel, tasting it periodically with loved ones, waiting until the magical moment it tastes perfect, and is ready to bottle. While there are benefits of barrel aging wines, it is not required to create a dry wine with oak flavors. Juice may be fermented in barrels, tanks, carboys, or pails. While the oak will add certain flavor characteristics and “sacrificial tannins” to the wine during fermentation, the winemaker can add oak dust, chips, or staves to create a similar effect. Furthermore, during the aging process, oak chips, spirals, staves, balls, cubes, etc. can be added to the wine to give it a pleasant oaked flavor. This is ideal for the home winemaker as it is more cost effective and often requires less time than traditional barrel aging. When wine is aged in a barrel, some of the wine evaporates out of the barrel, often referred to as the “angel’s share”. This results in a more concentrated, creamy mouthfeel as well as an oaked flavor. The wine within the barrel must be maintained as the evaporation will cause an air gap in the barrel (headspace), which can promote oxidation.  Spare wine must be kept in a separate container to be used to top off the barrel to minimize this headspace. In summary, barrel can add a beautiful finesse and flavor to your homemade wine, but are not crucial to home winemaking success.

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One Response to The Winemaker’s Think Tank: Vol 21 – Do I need a barrel to make wine? Can I just use tanks/glass?

  • Gene Fiorot says:

    The action of evaporation of the wine through the wood in the barrel creates the Angels’s Share. While the wine level drops with a tight bung in actuality a space is created but not replaced with air. In fact a vacuum is created. This negative pressure allows oxygen to be drawn from outside the barrel through the wood of the barrel. This small amount of oxygen results in the process called Micro-oxygenation. Of all benefits there is using a barrel Micro-oxygenation is the most important feature. This allows for the transformation of wine compounds making a better wine. I also do not attribute Wine aging in a barrel. Wine ages in the container it is stored in. The smaller the container the faster it ages.

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