Grapes & Juices in Stock as of 9/10/2016:


cry-baby-cab-grapes cry-baby-cab-boxes

Grapes & Juices in Stock as of 9/9/2016:


Mixed Black
Pinot Noir
Ruby Cabernet
Toscano (Chianti)
French Colombard
Regina Muscat
Sauvignon Blanc
White Zinfandel
Malvasia Bianca
Cabernet Franc
Pinot Grigio
Cabernet Sauvignon
Old Vine Zinfandel
Thompson Seedless
Regina Zinfandel
Regina Barbera
Regina Merlot
Regina Thompson Seedless
Regina Grenache
Regina Cabernet Sauvignon


Variety Label 36/42lb
Chardonnay Costamagna 36lb
Pinot Noir Lodi Gold 36lb
Grenache Lodi Gold 36lb
Barbera Valley Beauty 36lb
Mixed Black Uva di Cali 36lb
Merlot Lucerene 36lb
Cabernet Sauvignon Cry Baby 36lb
Zinfandel Valley Beauty 36lb
Thompson Seedless Miss Seedless 42lb
Zinfandel Valley Beauty 36lb
Zinfandel Zinderella 36lb
Cabernet Sauvignon Costamagna 36lb
Merlot Lodi Gold 36lb
Barbera Valley Beauty 36lb
Cabernet Sav Pia 36lb
Sangiovese Regina 36lb
Zinfandel Lucerene 36lb
French Colombard Cry Baby 36lb
OVZ Lugano 36lb
Zinfandel Teaser 36lb
Alicante Cal Special 42lb
Barbera Cal Special 36lb
Muscat Muscat King 42lb
Alicante O’Capro 42lb
Syrah Cry Baby 36lb
Alicante Cry Baby 42lb
Grenache Cry Baby 36lb
Black Muscat Lodi Gold 36lb
Petite Verdot Musto 36lb
Sangiovese Pia 36lb
Grenache Pia 36lb
Cabernet Sauvignon Pia 36lb
Sauvignon Blanc – SOLD OUT Lanza 36lb
Pinot Noir Musto 36lb
Thompson Seedless Treasure 42lb
Zinfandel Valley Beauty 36lb
Old Vine Barbera Lugano 36lb
Zinfandel Valley Beauty 36lb
Barbera Cry Baby 36lb
Thompson Seedless Cry Baby 42lb
Merlot Lucerene 36lb
Petite Sirah Pia 36lb
Grenache Regina 36lb
Ruby Cabernet Caterina 36lb
Cabernet Franc Cry Baby 36lb
Sangiovese Caterina 36lb
Symphony (white grape) Cry Baby 36lb
OVZ Caterina 36lb
Alicante Cal Special 42lb
Zinfandel Pia 36lb
Cabernet Sauvignon Caterina 36lb
Old Vine Carignane Caterina 36lb
Gamay Pia 36lb
Zinfandel Pia 36lb
Barbera Pia 36lb
Cabernet Sauvignon Regina 36lb
Barbera Cal Special 36lb
Merlot Lanza 36lb
Primitvo Lanza 36lb
Zinfandel Lanza 36lb

Preparing for Harvest 2016

Prepare for Harvest 2016.infographic

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Mini Harvest Update from California:

Central Valley – Preparing to start harvesting Thompson Seedless, Alicante, Syrah, and Grenache

Lodi – Will start harvesting around August 15th Chardonnay, Albarino, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat

Paso Robles – Looking like the 1st of September for the red grapes.

Suisun Valley – Will begin harvesting Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat Cannelli around August 15th