Official Pinotage Numbers Are Here

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Official Pinotage Numbers Are Here

Brix = 25  (no adjustment required)

Starting pH = 3.91

Starting TA = .62

Added 1.5gm Tartaric Acid per liter

Final Number are pH = 3.50 & TA = 0.75

​In conclusion, the final numbers are very good!! Looking forward to seeing how this vintage turns out!


2016 Pinotage Arrival

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The ‪Pinotage has arrived!! The berries taste very sweet with good seed and pulp development. We got Brix readings of 23-24.5. We will be calling all of the people who pre-ordered today. However we do still have a small amount available for sale.

Gives us a call at 877.812.1137 to pick up you Pinotage grapes!

Also, we are still deciding which yeast to use for the Pinotage grapes. The three options we thought about are D254, D80, and BDX. Below are the descriptions of each yeast.

(all descriptions via Scott Laboratories)

  • D254: “In red wines, Lalvin ICV D254® develops ripe fruit, jam and cedar aromas together with mild spiciness. On the palate it contributes high fore-mouth volume, big mid-palate mouthfeel and intense fruit concentration.”
  • D80: “Given proper nutrition, Lalvin ICV D80® is a rapid starter with moderate fermentation rates. It has been known to have an alcohol tolerance of up to 16% (v/v) when the fermentation is aerated and the temperature is maintained below 28°C(82°F). On the palate it creates high fore-mouth volume, big mid-palate mouthfeel, an intense, fine-grain tannin sensation and a long lasting licorice finish.”
  • BDX: “Uvaferm BDXTM is a vigorous fermenter. Alcohol toler­ance can be up to 16% (v/v). Optimizes color and structure with soft tannin extrac­tion and increased mouthfeel. Does not generate a lot of heat during fermentation. Selected from the Pasteur Institute strain collection in Paris, France.”

Which yeast do you think we should use?

Cheers! 🍇🍷

Yeast Pairings for Pinotage from South Africa

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Yeast Pairings for Grapes from South Africa:

Pinotage: D254, D80, and BDX